With the fall sports schedules getting closer to the season’s kick-off, Body Relief Depot is sponsoring a contest designed to help athletes get and stay ready for game day. Featuring $115 worth of premium exercise and therapy products, the prize is perfect for sports enthusiasts at every level.

“No matter if you’re in high school, college or just playing for a local parks and rec team, staying fit is key to being competitive in any sport,” said David Rouen, Body Relief Depot founder and owner. “The products in this giveaway help keep you in shape and help ease any pain you may have from training or from a game-day injury.”

Body Relief Depot products in the sports basket promotion include:

- 55cm Exercise Ball: This inflatable ball is used to strengthen muscles, improve posture and help prevent back pain. It comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter, along with an Exercise Ball Guide Poster detailing 24 exercises.

- R4 Lifeline Cable: The complete unit includes handle, fitness cable and instruction poster. Lifeline's cables are all made using Progressive Layering Technology, so they feel better and last longer than common extruded fitness bands.

- Standard Cold Pack: The cold pack provides an effective relief of pain. Designed for clinic use – but also perfect for home use – it delivers up to thirty minutes of relief from swelling, acute pain, etc.

- SME 5lb Cuff Weights (2): Our cuff weights are versatile and durable. They are can be used on your wrists or ankles.

- Dynadisc: This is a great tool for lower back exercises, weight-shift and stability exercises. It can be used while sitting, standing, on hands and knees, and lying face up like on an exercise ball. The Dynadisc is 14" in diameter. Features one smooth side and one knobby side.

- 4 oz. Bottle Sombra Cool Therapy: This new gel provides controlled cooling without freezing or irritation and has exceptional glide for point therapy. The cool therapy gel is good for acute conditions or injuries that have just occurred, whereas the original warm therapy gel is good for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains.

People can enter the contest through the Body Relief Depot Web site (look for the contest banner at the top of the page) or Body Relief Depot’s Facebook fan page. The winner will be announced Sept. 1.