People always ask BRD about ways to improve physical wellbeing and energy levels. There’s really no secret formula – the answer always tracks back to a balanced diet and regular exercise. The biggest challenge comes in conditioning the body and making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s face it, there’s some sacrifice in slimming down. The most obvious – all of those deliciously sinful foods you can no longer eat. But there’s something even more burdensome that might come with healthy living – the aches and pains of workouts.

Unfortunately, many people dive right into a rigid program, not thinking about the effects on the body. Since most folks aren’t used to the amount of physical activity, they end up inflicting damage to muscles, tendons, etc. Some of the wear and tear can even result in long-term disabilities.

At BRD, we urge smart preparation and time to rejuvenate. Our products include healing gels, hot and cold compacts, devices for stretching core muscles, massage equipment, braces and much more.

The goal is to ease the body into a sensible exercise schedule. By tending to muscles before and after each workout, you decrease the chances of cramping, illnesses and weakening. The looser the muscles, the more likely they’ll stretch and endure.

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