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Vibration stretching using a VibePlate range of motion vibration machine exercises millions of muscle cells (spindles) with therapeutic vibration. The VibeStretch training platform generates extremely rapid vibrations — 10 to 60 hz — that activate nearly 95 percent of muscle potential. Stimulation of muscle spindles leads to many health benefits, from increased flexibility and reduced joint pain to improved muscle stamina.

The Whole Body Vibration (WBV) VibePlate imposes hyper-gravity activity within muscles which produces short, quick alterations in tendon-muscle complexes, stimulating muscle spindles and nerve cells. In turn, muscles have a reflex reaction as they try to dampen vibratory waves. In addition to empirical results of physical vibration therapy, electromyography (EMG) tests have conclusively supported the ability of WBV therapy to enhance physical therapy programs by improving: Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Bone density profiles, Hormone profiles including serotonin and human growth hormone, Cardiovascular and circulatory measures, Balance, Gait, and Posture. The VibePlate also decreases joint pain, encourages lymph drainage, and develops coordination to help reduce the risk of falling.

A variety of stretching exercises can be performed on the VibeStretch, such as the runner’s stretch — right foot forward, fingertips on floor, lunge slowly — or the standing side stretch — arms straight above the head, hands clasped, lean side to side. If traditional exercise routines are out of reach, vibration stretching offers a great way to maintain good health, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and keep muscles strong and flexible.

The VibePlate is built to last and is 100% made in the USA, from Lincoln, Nebraska.

VibeStretch measures 30" x 48" x 87". Available in Steel with frequency of 10-60 hz. Accessories shown are not included.