Vibeplate Yoga Plate

SKU: 1002747

VibePlate uses rapid vertical vibration to engage and stimulate muscles in up to 40 microcontractions per second. Whereas most conventional forms of exercise focus on actively stretching out muscles, the effect of a yoga vibration machine is more passive. While you go through your regular sequence of poses, the additional benefits of the VibePlate work to improve lymph system health, increase circulation, boost immune function, reduce stress, increase flexibility, improve balance and posture, build bone and joint strength and more.

Think of the VibePlate Yoga Plate as a massage that works your muscles while you exercise. The effect is slight enough not to disturb your practice, but works over time to enhance the already significant health benefits you get from making yoga a regular part of your life.

VibePlate yoga vibration machines can be found in leading health clubs and physical therapy clinics across the country. Our products are used by professional athletic organizations and the U.S. military as part of training and rehabilitation. The Yoga Plate is an excellent vibration machine for weight loss, flexibility and overall health and wellness. Its larger size provides the ideal surface for all variants of yoga practice, and its adjustable speed function allows you to dial in the right intensity level for you.

The VibePlate's speed can be adjusted from 10-60 hertz for different exercises. The VibePlate is built to last and is 100% made in the USA, from Lincoln, Nebraska.

VibePlate Yoga Plate surface measures 24" x 72". Available in Steel or Aluminum with frequency of 10-60 hz.

VibePlate Yoga Plate