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Space Ice™ Cold Therapy Wraps

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A Different Approach to Pain Relief
Space Ice™ Cold Therapy Wraps put the power of cryotherapeutic, thermal wax cooling in an easy-to-use, safe, comfortable wrap.

What It Is:  Safe, Therapeutic Thermal Wax Cooling Therapy

Unlike ice or gel, Space Ice™ Cold Therapy Wraps use a laboratory-grade alkane hydrocarbon solution, a unique “thermal wax” inside the clear pockets of each wrap. Until fully melted the pockets stay at this perfect therapeutic temperature.

What It Does: Space Ice wraps hold a comfortable, consistent temperature for an ideal length of time and will not over-cool (no risk of ice burn or frostbite). It pulls heat away from the injured area, reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, allowing your body to do what it does best: heal itself naturally.

Space Ice products are supplied with everything you need right from the package – simply “charge” it first for use.

– How to Charge (or recharge) for use: When the wrap pockets are clear/transparent, simply place the wrap in a refrigerator (or freezer if you’d like it to charge faster). Lay it flat for fastest charging. (Place in a plastic bag if you’re using a common area fridge.)

– When it’s Ready: After about 20 minutes in the freezer or about 40-45 minutes in the refrigerator you will see that the pockets have turn from a clear liquid to a bright white solid (“charged”) – the wrap is ready for use! This is much faster than ice-based or gel-based products can be charged for use.

– Wear it (against skin or over clothing): Place the wrap on your body, the white side facing your skin. Secure it with the supplied Velcro straps until it rests comfortably. NOTE: If you don’t like the feel of the wrap directly against your skin you can place it over a thin garment, simply making sure it is snug enough to feel the cooling effect. That’s it – relax and let it work! You can even go to sleep or continue to go about your day while Space Ice™ Therapy works to pull heat and inflammation from your injury.


  • FDA Class I Medical Device; One-size-fits all.
  • Temperature safe – no risk of over-cooling. Scientifically engineered to only get to 50 degrees, right in the sweet spot for therapeutic benefit. 
  • Drug free approach to pain relief and reducing inflammation. 
  • Latex free, safe to wear directly against skin.
  • Doctor Recommended, Therapeutically Used & Tested.
  • Can be used on-the-go. Can be used while sleeping!
  • Can be used again and again, as often (and as long) as is needed.
  • Simple to clean with soap/water or isopropyl alcohol. Optional Enzyme Cleaner keeps it super fresh-smelling.
  • Durable, breathable, comfortable design – easily adjusted to stay in place.
  • Ready to use in minutes – Recharges much faster than ice or gel.
  • From the proprietary hydrocarbon formulations all the way down to the stitching and packaging, all Space Ice™ Products are 100% made with pride in the USA.