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Sammons Preston Bath Sponge, Contour

SKU: 1004487

Long Handle Reduces Excessive Reaching
Sammons Preston Bath Sponge is an extra-long handle with a sponge attached at an angle to help extend your reach with minimal exertion. Ideal for caregivers and those who have a limited range of motion, as well as with those who can’t perform reaching movements or extend their arms. Made from recycled plastic, the long handle measures 26" in total length.

Heated and Angled for Increased Comfort
Users with limited shoulder motion will find it is difficult to reach the middle of their back when using a straight handle bathing sponge. The handle can be customized and angled using a heat gun, increasing comfort and making it easier to wash the back. Designed to improve hygiene, the bath sponge helps reduce the amount of bending, reaching, and twisting to limit the amount of strain placed on the body.

Features Soft, Non-Irritating Foam Sponge
In addition to reducing excessive reaching, the long handle is easy to hold and enhances grip while bathing and showering. The contoured bath sponge, shaped similar to an hourglass, measures 5 inches long and 2 inches thick. The bath aid features a soft, non-irritating foam sponge that gently cleanses sensitive skin and is treated with an antibacterial agent prolonging the life of the sponge.

  • Easy-to-grip long handle increases bathing independence for individuals with a limited range of motion
  • Treated with an antibacterial agent, the foam sponge gently cleanses sensitive skin without causing irritation
  • The bendable handle can be customized using a heat gun and bent into any shape needed
  • Designed to reduce excessive bending, reaching, and twisting to limit the amount of strain