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STRENGTHTAPE® Kinesiology Tape

SKU: 1003386
$11.99 to $79.99
STRENGTHTAPE® is made of breathable cotton and quick drying Spandex specialized weave that provides a stretch identical to human skin, making it the most comfortable tape on the market.  

  • Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • All-Sport™ Premium Adhesive
  • Will stick for up to 7 days in any environment including Water, Sweat, and even High Humidity.
  • Perfect Combination of Stretch, Breathability & Adhesion
  • Easy to Apply with Step-by-Step Videos

Quick Benefits
  • Provide Support & Stability without limiting range of motion
  • Stays on in Water
  • Sticks for up to 7 days
  • STRENGTHTAPE® can assist in:  relieving pain, increasing circulation & lymphatic flow, preventing injury, recovering faster, and reducing inflammation

For 5m Precut Rolls, each roll has 20 precut strips measuring 2" wide x 10" long.

For 35m Uncut Rolls, each roll measures 2" wide x 38.3yds.