RockSauce Fire

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$16.99 to $38.50

Features & Benefits of RockSauce Fire:

  • Temporarily relieves minor muscular pain
  • Provides warming sensations that last for hours
  • Apply under or over RockTape: the RockSauce will soak into and through the tape and slowly release onto the skin
  • Great pre-tape prep: apply to skin and wipe excess away before taping
  • Not just for pain! RockSauce Fire makes a great pre-tape prep, Graston, A.R.T. or IASTM lubricant, or even as a preventative measure before a workout
  • Available in convenient 3 oz. roll-on or 12 oz. disc-top squeeze bottle
  • MSDS sheet available

Active Ingredients:
Methyl Salicylate (20%)
Menthol (10%)
Capsaicin (0.002%)