Prossage Heat Bottle

SKU: 1001796
Brand: Hygienic

Made from natural botanical ingredients. Prossage warming ointment is ideal for hands-on therapy.

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Prossage Heat is a warming ointment that delivers controllable glide without slip of oil. Made from natural botanical ingredients. Use with hands-on therapy for pain management, sports injuries, soft tissue modalities and orthopedic/deep tissue massage. Comes in three sizes: 3 oz., 8 oz. and 32 oz. bottles.

  • Warming massage oil that is designed to relax soft tissue by increasing blood flow
  • Use on localized area for trigger point massage that helps access deep tissue
  • Only requires a few drops of oil to gain warming, lubricating benefits
  • Natural massage oil allows a controlled glide that enhances massage experiences
  • Ideal for professional use at massage and therapy clinics


Prossage Heat