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Pneuwalker III Mobility Trainer

SKU: 1002680

The PneuWalker III Mobility Trainer is the latest innovation in mobility technology from Pneumex.  It offers freedom from the fear of falling for both the patient and the therapist.  On the PneuWalker III, the patient can experience natural movement while working vertically on proper gait patterns.

Extraordinary Versatilty featuring: 

  •     User-friendly, analog control for precise unweighting.
  •     Height adjustable from 3 6 to 6 6.
  •     Adjustable width to go through doorways or over treadmills.
  •     Unweights unilaterally to address hemiplegic conditions.
  •     Onboard pneumatic compressor with rechargeable battery runs up to 12 hours on single charge.
  •     Adjustable handlebars that swing out of the way for easy access and patient transfer.
  •     Ability for solo clinician to lift and transfer patients.
  •     Patented 3-in-1 Abilities Vest with adjustability for posture and gait.
  •     Easy to read, easy to use analog control allows precise unweighting from 0 to 300 lbs.
  •     Uniquely designed Lifting Bar to unweight more on one side than the other.

Pneumex recommends a maximum patient weight 500 pounds.  Maximum lift 300 pounds.