Naugahyde Wedges

SKU: 1003981
$125.00 to $183.00
The Dynatronics Naugahyde Positioning Wedges are an essential medical tool that is used for an effective elevation of a patient's body and to provide a proper position for multiple treatment procedures. It has a stable and strong construction, which makes it great for exercising and stretching the lower extremities, as well as for relieving pain in the lower back and knees. It is a reliable tool for physical therapy, post-procedure recovery, and home rehabilitation and support applications.  Made with high-density urethane foam & covered in Naugahyde® fabric. 

The Knee Wedge (KW1) is designed specifically to elevate the knees and flatten the lower back.  Dimensions:  Knee Wedge 22W x 20L x 10.25H in.

Other wedges are available in the following sizes:
24W x 28L x 10H in
24W x 28L x 12H in

Colors:  Imperial Blue or Black.