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MYOTECH® 2.0 Elite Dry Needles

SKU: 1004377
Brand: North Coast Medical

Myotech 2.0 Elite Dry Needles are produced specifically for dry needling, in collaboration with healthcare practitioners & researchers. These needles feature a high-grade German surgical stainless steel with a full-needle parylene coating for maximum patient comfort. 

(100) needles per box.

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As a Dry Needling practitioner, you know it requires deep tissue work to stimulate myofascial trigger points to ease pain, cure injuries and speed-up recovery. It requires a lot of dexterity and deeper needle insertions. For years practitioners improvised with needles that were not made for Dry Needling. Red Coral (the manufacturer of Myotech needles) has worked closely with educators and practitioners to create the first purpose-built dry needle. Myotech 2.0 Elite Dry Needles® are the latest evolution that features two more dry needle innovations.

  • High grade German surgical stainless steel. Won't bend or break during deeper insertions, and stays sharp through multiple insertions.
  • Full needle parylene coating allows for near painless insertions.
  • Designed with a 30% thicker (compared to generation 1 Myotech needles), double-clamped, conductive handle with etched grip. Needles are easier to handle and go deeper.
  • Microscopic grooves placed along the needle shaft provide surface micro-channeling to reduce surface area, which significantly reduces the force needed for insertions. 
  • Glue-free guide that uses a dimple inside the tube for more efficient aim and tap insertions
  • FDA certified.

Myotech 2.0 Elite Dry Needles