Hydro-Fit® Hand Buoy

SKU: 1001750

Underwater, our Hand Buoys feel and act like weighted barbells—the ideal "weight" for upper body conditioning in deep and shallow water. We make three sizes—Mini, Regular and Jumbo—offering three progressive levels of buoyancy and resistance. Hand Buoys are made of premium quality Ethafoam® and feature cushioned hand grips and sturdy construction for lasting durability. Distinct color discs for each size make selection easy at poolside for facilities with group exercise programs. Sold in pairs. Proudly Made In the USA.

Mini (Teal) - 2" foam x 6" x 9"

Regular (Black) - 2.75" foam x 6" x 10.5"

Jumbo (Purple) - 3.5" foam x 6" x 12"