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Human Skeleton Budget Bart

SKU: 1004132


  • At about 3/4 life-size, this skeleton is easy to handle, anatomically correct and economically priced
  • Features:
    • Spinal nerves
    • Vertebral artery
    • Jaw on springs
    • Cut calvarium
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints are moveable; hands and feet are not articulated
  • Includes plastic stand (50" fixed height, not adjustable) on roller and hook at the top for hanging
  • Size: 4'2" tall
  • Please note, this is an economy model which does not demonstrate extensive detail. The manufacturer does not provide information as to the specific attributes demonstrated on this model. If you require a model which depicts specific features please review the details from one of our non-Budget options in this category.