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Foam ValuTrode Electrodes

SKU: 2000260
Brand: Axelgaard

Self adhesive electrodes with soft rubber lead wire. Carbon film conductor and white spun foam backing material. Sold by the case.

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Axelgaard’s ValuTrode Foam Electrodes are made for repeated electro-therapy sessions. The electrodes come in varying shapes and sizes but all have the same patented MultiStick® adhesive that consists of multiple gel layering for maintaining current flow and ability to stick to the skin for multiple applications.

The formulation of the hydrogel top layer is optimized for bonding to the electrode to prevent delamination and loss of current. Axelgaard's controlled mesh placement provides consistent structural support.

A unique blend of materials create an effective and durable electrode that promotes optimum current and treatment in neurostimulation therapy while remaining cost effective for physicians and useful for patients.

Sold by the case (40 count except 3" x 5" size, which is 20 count ).

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