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Fabric ValuTrode Electrodes

SKU: 2000252
Brand: Axelgaard

Self adhesive electrodes with soft rubber lead wire. Carbon film conductor and white spun fabric backing material. Sold by the case.

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ValuTrode Fabric Electrodes by Axelgaard are made from durable cloth that can be used multiple times without losing their adhesive qualities or electric conductivity. They send low-voltage currents to the patient’s nerves through the skin. This can provide short-term pain relief.

ValuTrode Fabric-backed Electrodes are coated with a gel that's designed for multiple applications.  They are a great addition to any clinic or physical therapy center. With proper cleaning, application, and removal, they can be reapplied several times before disposal.

Sold by the case (40 electrodes, except 3" x 5" which is 20 count).

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