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Elgin Leg & Ankle Exerciser

SKU: 2001042
$1,077.38 to $1,181.80
The Elgin Leg/Ankle Exerciser is the industry standard for both preventative-injury ankle exercise and rehabilitative ankle exercise. For well over 60 years and counting, the Elgin has reigned as the ankle exercise staple for physical therapists, hospitals, professional sports teams, schools and for anyone who has injured and/or weakened ankles. Whether you are a basketball star or just a regular Joe, the Elgin is the #1 go-to for strengthening ankles.

Using the exerciser is very simple; just add standard 1" hole disk weights to any one of the four prongs for load-resisting inversion, eversion, dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion exercises.

You may purchase the Elgin Leg/Ankle Exerciser alone, or with accessories which includes one quad rest, two 1-1/4 lb. disc weights, a 2-1/2 lb. disc weights and a five 5 lbs. disc weight.

Application: Patient should be seated and initially trained by a licensed medical practitioner or athletic trainer.

Shipping information:
  • Elgin Leg/Ankle Exerciser only ships via UPS.  Box Dimensions: 25" L x 21" H x 20" W.  Unit Weight 33 lbs.
  • Elgin Leg/Ankle Exerciser with Accessories ships via UPS.  Box Dimensions: 25" L x 21" H x 20" W.  Unit Weight with Accessories 71 lbs.
Elgin Leg & Ankle Exerciser