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CyberCycle Recumbent Bike

SKU: 1000656

The CyberCycle is the most advanced piece of exercise equipment ever designed. Riders are comfortable and engaged which leads to more frequent & longer workouts, better health & improved quality of life.



  • Virtual Environments - The CyberCycle redefines engagement. With over 40 stunning virtual worlds to choose from, including games and social challenges, you will enjoy your workouts and benefit mentally as well as physically.
  • Superior Ergonomics - All aspects of the CyberCycle have been designed to meet the unique physical needs of seniors. The walkthrough design, oversized seat, extended adjustment bar, and support grips make getting in and out of the seat a snap. The oversized buttons and large lettering make it easy to navigate the software. And while you are riding, the counterweighted platform pedals with heel cups ensure that your feet will stay in place until you're finished.
  • Motion Control Handlebars - Outdoor bikes have handlebars that can turn and shift. Cardio bikes should too! CyberCycle motion control handlebars steer and shift just like an outdoor bike, engaging your upper body throughout your workout.
  • Active Resistance - Feel the terrain as you ride. With Active Resistance pedal intensity changes as you climb or descend. Shift through 30 gears, just like a road bike, for fine grained control of your workout.
  • Ergonomic Seat with 32 positions available.
  • Exceptional lumbar support.
  • Walk through design.
  • Steering is easy.  Just turn handlebars to steer while riding.
  • Resistance with 30 Gears available.
  • Automatically adjusts to the grade on screen.
  • Connectivity: Wireless: WiFi 802.11 n+.  Wired with Gigabit LAN+.
  • Engagement: 43 Different Tours.
  • Enjoy your exercise with: Chase Game, Adjustable Pacer, Group Rides, Ghost Challenges, and Live Leaderboards.
  • Warranty:  3 Years parts, labor and computer

To see the screen in action, go to "Additional Information".