Clip On Food Guard

SKU: 1004483

Clip-On Food Guard
The Clip-On Food Guard is 1-1/4" high and curves slightly to help aid in scooping and keeping food on the plate. The plate guard assists individuals with the use of one hand help to push the food onto the eating utensil. To help improve independence at mealtimes, the food guard can also be combined with a thick, rubber-handled utensil.

Helps Minimize Spills
The plate guard helps prevent food from accidentally being pushed off the plate while eating, minimizing spills at mealtime. Designed to attach to plates measuring 9" - 11" in diameter, the guard is an ideal solution for those who have difficulties eating independently. The spill guard is designed to teach and maintain independence to those who have difficulty eating.

Attach to Round Dinner Plates
Attach the plate guard to the rim of any round dinner plate to create a wall that helps keep food on the plate. The plate guard is ideal for elderly, disabled, and handicapped individuals with poor hand dexterity, weak grip, or tremors. This guard is made of lightweight white plastic with light gray specks that is also dishwasher safe and BPA, phthalates, and latex-free.