Cando Slim Wate Bar

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Brand: Fabrication Enterprises

The CanDo Slim WaTE Weighted Exercise Bars are the tools you want in therapy and fitness to increase strength and range-of-motion. These bars are available individually or as a set.

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The CanDo Slim WaTE Weighted Exercise Bars work well to improve endurance, balance and motor skills. With a 1.5" diameter and 36" length, these bars are easy to grip, use and store.

A smooth color coded plastic surface encases a solid core that easily sheds sweat and moisture, making these bars easy to clean. One end cap prevents rolling, while the other has a notch to easily hang on a rack or hook for storage. Comes with a fully illustrated exercise guide.

Weight options:

  • Tan- 1lb
  • Yellow- 2lb
  • Red- 3lb
  • Green- 4lb
  • Blue- 5lb
  • Black stripe- 7.5lb
  • Gold- 10lb
  • 5 Piece Set-  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 lbs
Cando Slim Wate Bar