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Actimove Manus Forte Wrist Support Plus Thumb

SKU: 2000451
$36.50 to $36.95

The individually moldable medial splint in combination with the advanced thumb closure system immobilizes the thumb in a neutral position, supporting pain relief and encouraging the healing process. The anatomically shaped volar splint stabilizes the wrist joint. Wide elastic hook and loop straps ensure strong support. 

- Irritation of the thumb saddle joint and/or proximal meta-carpo-phalangeal joint of the thumb, e.g. ulnar collateral ligament sprain (gamekeeper’s and skier's thumb)
- Acute pain and irritation in wrist & thumb joint e.g. distortion
- Chronic pain and irritation in wrist & thumb joint e.g. arthritis
- Arthrosis
- Tendinous synovitis
- Postoperative and post-traumatic irritation, e.g. post Stener lesion surgery

- The diagonal thumb closure strap stabilizes the thumb effectively.
- Two aluminium splints in combination with two plastic stays and four inelastic hook and loop straps provide secure immobilization of wrist and thumb in a functional position, supporting pain relief.
- The extra-wide, circular middle strap runs counter-clockwise to avoid rotation of the brace, contributing to a secure overall stabilization.

- Flat thumb seam avoids skin irritations for good comfort and enhanced patient compliance.
- Splints are individually moldable for perfect anatomical fit.
- Brace gives secure stabilization of wrist and thumb while leaving the fingers unrestrained and free to move.
- Breathable, skin-friendly materials provide high wearing comfort.
- Utility patent pending for seamless construction in the area of the carpometacarpal joint, for increased comfort.

Handling & Usability
- Self explanatory, glove-like construction and easy thumb closure make the brace easy to apply with one hand.
- Adjustable hook and loop fasteners for individual adaptation.
- Securing fold-overs prevent straps from slipping out of their buckles.

Actimove Manus Forte Wrist Support Plus Thumb