Treat yourself - and your patients - to happy muscles! Trigger points, tight muscles, golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, IT band name it! These proven self-massage tools will get you and your patients on track to living pain-free.

TriggerPoint Massage Products
TriggerPoint makes it easy to restore & maintain natural ease of movement with their soft tissue massage & myofascial therapy products. TriggerPoint is the #1 GRID Foam Roller, used for rolling tight muscles, knots and kinks. Want to get off the floor? Increase flexibility and relieve muscular aches & pains with the GRID STK Foam Roller. Explore TriggerPoint Collections for convenient self-care programs designed to strengthen, improve flexibility & circulation, and increase range of motion. Shop TriggerPoint

Armaid Self Massage Tool
The Armaid is a self-care massage tool that allows you treat repetitive strain and muscle overuse issues all over your body, by yourself.  The two-arm “nutcracker” design of the Armaid integrates specially-designed therapy rollers with the benefits of leverage to deliver specific deep massage therapies with a minimum of exertion on your part. Shop Armaid

Pressure Positive Massage Products
Pressure Positive tools are some of the most efficient and cost-effective self-massage therapy aids on the market. Use these tools to apply deep, relaxing pressure to muscular triggerpoints with their smooth, round knobs to relieve tired, sore muscles. The unique patented design allow any tool to be used in several hand positions and by the right or left hand interchangeably. Shop Pressure Positive Tools

Massage Balls
 Perform self myofascial release with pinpoint accuracy using massage balls! The use of spikey or smooth massage balls can activate muscle trigger points and relax overly stressed areas. Shop Massage Balls

Shop OMPT Tools
"Better Together" is Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist (OMPT) Rebecca Lowe’s philosophy of partnering with patients to help them become involved with their own health and wellness. Over her many years as a practitioner, Rebecca has developed treatment tools for patients to use at home. When these tools, exercises, and changes are implemented alongside OMPT treatment, the patient experiences faster and longer lasting results. Shop OMPT Tools by Rebecca Lowe, PT, COMT, FAAOMPT.

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